Legal Issues Affecting Businesses

Business Law Matters

For many businesses, the legal matters can appear to be pretty simple in nature.  However, these matters can easily bloom into a complicated mess that can create massive headaches or even endanger the very existence of the business in the future.

For example, if you have a business lawyer in Kansas City, you would probably receive advice to get your contracts reviewed before you enter into them.  We know of a company that decided to outsource their transportation of goods.  They didn’t want to go through the tedious and expensive process of hiring a good lawyer, so they went ahead and entered into an agreement on their own.  They read the documents and felt comfortable with the language.

However, after their vendor was in a truck accident, they were contacted by a Kansas City truck accident attorney who informed them that they were going to be liable for the entire wreck, especially given the indemnity clause in the contract.

They contacted their KC Auto Insurance representative, who told them that their own insurance policy would not be effective because the policy did not apply to transportation for the selling of goods, but only for the personal use of vehicles for the company.

This led to an unfortunate series of lawsuits, which eventually led the company to file chapter 13 bankruptcy just to get rid of the lawsuit damages that were incurred – not to say anything about the lawyers fees that they incurred along the way.

The conclusion is simple, hire a good corporate attorney to review your legal documents so that you can be assured of continuous existence of your business.